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  • Kaya M. Anderson
    Singing, speaking and movement voice teacher, Actress and Performer
    Lives inMalérargues, Thoiras, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1965
    As one of the builders of Malérargues, for the past 41 years, for me, it is a place of many, many meetings with all the people who come here. Our inspiration for rebuilding Malérargues comes from our own singing and theatre and dance careers.
  • Fia Adler Sandblad
    Actress, Theater Director, Writer
    Lives inGothenburg, Sweden
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2016
    Malérargues is a safe place for letting the voice turn the soul inside out, touching secret memories hidden in the body and give them rhythm, music and meaning.
  • Richard Armstrong
    Teacher, Director, Performer
    Lives inNew York City, USA
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since
  • Orly Asody
    Music teacher in a High School Music Department, Roy Hart Voice Teacher
    Lives inTel Aviv, Israel
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2013
    When I truly sound, my real whole-range voice, ‘I’ cease to exist: all the voices of judgement, classification, evaluation… disappear and I’m truly one with the world.
  • Ulrik Barfod
    Voice teacher, Experimental voice performer
    Lives inHanover, Germany
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1993
    Singing is a personal sound form, just like your physical body.
  • Gabriela Barrenechea
    Singer, Composer and Practitioner of Eutonie
    Lives inAngers, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2016
    It is in singing that all my ‘selves’ meet together. When I sing I become a potter, architect, film maker, craft moulder and shaper. I enter into the material and little by little it takes form until it becomes unique, makes me unique. I am at the same both the material and the creator.
  • Pascale Ben
    Singer, Actress, Voice Teacher
    Lives inFrance
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1969
    Singing for me means to live more fully. It also means using my energy and my thoughts to be able to grow, besides singing songs which can enrich my life, and even inventing new songs as I am now.
  • Albino Bignamini
    Actor, Director, Playwright
    Lives inBergamo, Italy
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2009
    To resound life: The emotive voice
  • Daniela Castro
    Actress, playwright and voice teacher
    Lives inParis, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since
    The voice for me is a necessity deeper than speech and beyond song. It is a return to the raw material of the voice, a subterranean and atavistic space rarely touched on in art.
  • Joao Charepe
    Vocal health coach
    Lives inLisbon, Portugal
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2018
    Feeling our voice is something wonderful. It is to live and to revive, to create and recreate, to give and to receive of ourselves, of others and things. A fantastic new world that opens its discovery every day and every moment.
  • Kevin Crawford
    Program Director (MFA in Physical Theatre)
    Lives inLiving in Arezzo, Italy
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1977
    „Singing“ is an inclusive term for me that covers any action that involves vocal expression. It is inclusive in the sense that it seeks to renegotiate our perceptions both of ourselves and others. Its primary aim is one of communcation on all levels.
  • Agnès Dumouchel
    Voice teacher, actress and storyteller
    Lives inLives in Gap, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1982
    Singing in Malérargues means expanding one’s sound body, freeing the inner being, taming the unknown. It is an encounter with oneself and an encounter with others.
  • Ethie Friend
    Voice Teacher, Performer, Singer
    Lives inBoulder, Colorado USA
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2005
    Through singing, I give birth to the myriad possibilities of my soul. "Singing, as we practice it, is literally the resurrection or redemption of the body, making biological reality of the statement "I AM". Roy Hart
  • Nadine George
    International voice teacher working in many European Countries
    Lives inGrantham Lincolnshire, England
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1990
    The voice work of Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart and my development of their work is to do with the development of the individual. To be able to discover who you are through the voice and to stand in yourself with your own unique voice. Then to work with this on a high human and artistic level.
  • David Goldsworthy
    Vocal artist, voice teacher, choir leader
    Lives inthe Village of Thoiras, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1977
    Singing is not just a question of vocal technique. It is a dynamic artistic and human process, an opening to oneself and the world - an intensive work which involves effort, discipline, humility and the capacity to look and listen.
  • Maryline Guitton
    Performer, Singer, Author-composer
    Lives inParis, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2012
    At the Roy Hart Centre, we learn from workshops, from passionate discussions over meals with fellow students, from conversing with nature, and the place itself, which has a soul of its own. At Malérargues, the apprenticeship is constant.
  • Miguel Alonso Gutierrez
    Stage director of opera, Voice teacher, Actor
    Lives inCuliacán, Sinaloa, México
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2007
    To sing is the pleasure to vibrate, impulsed by the desire to express oneself freely.
  • Jonathan Hart Makwaia
    Vocalist, Teacher, Composer and Actor
    Lives inNew York City, USA
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1978
  • Anne Heeg
    Singer, Actress, Singing Teacher, Architect
    Lives inHamburg, Germany
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2003
    The opening and liberation of the individual’s potential through singing, in connecting with the conscious awareness of the moment in the Here and Now. “Concentration, intensity, expression": Alfred Wolfsohn
  • Edda Heeg
    Singer, Performance Artist, Voice Teacher, Musician
    Lives inHanover, Germany
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2001
    Singing for me is the breathing in through my ears and my soul – and perform it into the breathing out through my voice.
  • Mechthild Hettich
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher, Musician
    Lives inBremen & Stuttgart, Germany
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1996
    Voice and mood are closely linked. A fearful voice sounds different from an excited, young, old, in love or angry voice. However, all have their place and the division into "beautiful" and "ugly" loses its importance.
  • Walli Höfinger
    Performer, Performance Artist
    Lives inBerlin, Germany
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2009
    Singing is a way to connect through the voice. Listen with the soul into the body – or with the body into the soul. The voice makes it all audible.
  • Christiane Hommelsheim
    Voice Performer
    Lives inBerlin, Germany
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2010
    In Singing we appreciate ourselves, the world, nature and the people who are with us. Yehudi Menuhin
  • Núria Inglada
    Actress, Theater Director
    Lives inAt the moment nomad
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2011
    A smiling field full of contradictions, fear and love, sadness and happiness, emptiness and fullness… resistance, freedom, letting go, releasing. Always a challenge, always good. Finding the pleasure. Finding myself, myself in the others. Unity.
  • Esther Knappe
    Singer, Dancer, Voice Teacher
    Lives inZürich, Switzerland
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2012
    Malérargues is a magical place charged with invisible energy from all the years of voice work - the ground from which we can take off, grow and transform life into singing.
  • Michèle Laforest
    French teacher, actress, voice teacher
    Lives inParis (France) et près de Foix (France)
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1983
    To discover our different voices is to discover the way of life! Body and voice together help discover the real verticality of the human: going beyond the limits allows the richness of inner musicality to express oneself with authenticity.
  • Emanuella Lazzerini
    Voice teacher, music performer, translater
    Lives inLucca, Italy
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2013
    Singing is my sounding wings unfolded. Malérargues is a link to singing myself back home.
  • Marianne Le Tron
    Artist, actor-singer, guide/mentor for the sung and spoken voice.
    Lives inThoiras, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1982
    Voice has become my life-companion, the measure of both my personal and artistic work, and my inspiration. And these I love to share.
  • Marya Lowry
    Voice performer, Actress, Voice Teacher, Vocal Coach
    Lives inBoston, MA USA
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2010
    The heart, soul, and body hunger for deep expressions – of joy, yearning, grief, ecstasy, pain, uncertainty, purpose. This vocal journey thrives on listening, searching, play, risk and ultimately, the discovery of form and ease.
  • Ian Magilton
    Actor, Set and Light Designer, Theater Director
    Lives inMalérargues, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1973
    Our voices are very much bigger than we think, certainly bigger than we normally use, and that there is a profound connection between our voice and our self, which is in turn very much bigger than we realise or normally admit to. The voice is more than sounds produced by the larynx and resonated in the head; the expression, the beauty and the quality that makes us want to listen comes from the body, the heart, the stomach, the genitals, even the knees, and from the soul.
  • Anne-Sophie Masson
    Intermittente du spectacle
    Lives inFoix - Ariege - France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher sinceMay 2018
    Singing is to recognise myself, to reveal and discover myself in the moment. Singing connects me with something bigger than myself, it makes my bones resonate and my breath awaken. Singing is to welcome the voices of the moment and to set off on a journey towards the unknown.
  • Carol Mendelsohn
    Voice performer, Actress, Storyteller
    Lives inMalérargues, Thoiras, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1986
    "The voice is the muscle of the soul." Alfred Wolfsohn
  • Ivan Midderigh
    Actor, Singer, Photographer, Leadership Communication Trainer
    Lives inMalérargues, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1977
    The Roy Hart voice work is less about changing than about becoming, becoming closer to who we truly are.
  • Paula Molinari
    Voice Teacher
    Lives inTeresina/Piauí/Brazil
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2009
    In my point of view/perception singing is: connection, self-knowledge, accuracy, expression, wisdom.
  • Jesús Muñoz
    Actor and director
    Lives inValencia, Spain
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher sinceJune 2016
    The quality of listening I have found in Malérargues is the most sensitive I have ever experienced, without any kind of judgement or expectation. Malérargues is the place where you can accept your vulnerability and find the power of your voice.
  • Annie Murath Carrasco
    Singer, actress, vocal director and co-director of Pantheatre-Chile
    Lives inChile
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since
  • Enrique Pardo
    Lives inParis and Malérargues, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since
    Singing, as defined by Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart, is an extraordinary idealistic and demanding proposal – I am especially interested in its Talmudic backdrop. Protestant enthusiasm often takes over: its cult is also called singing. This, from a baroque, neopagan ‘goy’.
  • Audrey Pernell
    Singer, Actress, Voice Teacher
    Lives inSantiago de Chile, Chile
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2015
    I follow my intuition in the moment, based on what I perceive to be the need of each student's unique voice. I guide people to connect with their creative impulses, accepting the sound “just as it is," and expressing what their voices have to say.
  • Ralf Peters
    Voice and performance artist, philosopher, voice teacher
    Lives inCologne, Germany
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2006
    „Learning how to sing is learning how to love.“ Alfred Wolfsohn. Because (one possible interpretation): it is about touch, about contact, about being together. Be in contact with your body, your mind, your soul, be in touch with the world, space, time, the others! Listen, welcome everything! Let your voice be free. And maybe the most important for artists: be in contact with your lack of contact. Go into it, listen and love it!
  • Margaret Pikes
    Voice Teacher
    Lives inCologne, Germany and Montagnac, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1970
    "Singing" for me, following the particular way Wolfsohn and Hart used that word, is a way of exploring and developing the depths of your own personal connection with your voice.
  • Noah Pikes
    Whole Voice teacher, trainer and coach, Voice coach for Interpreters, Writer and speaker on Roy Hart Theatre voice work and history
    Lives inZürich, Switzerland
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1978
    Singing happens when a person’s whole body, senses and imagination are totally engaged in creating vocal sound, whilst focusing on a given note, image or word. This requires many hours of dedicated work with a teacher who is able to sing.
  • Flavio Polizzy

    Lives in
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since
  • Rosemary Quinn
    Actress, Director, Teacher, Arts administrator and Producer
    Lives inNew York City, USA
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1989
  • Renata Roagna
    Actress, Singer, Voice teacher
    Lives inMontpellier, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1985
    In order to soar up into the sky we need a strong grip on the ground, good energy, a lot of confidence, relaxation and vigour, full openess and imagination. ... to go further into space and at the same time closer to oneself so that the whole human being finds freedom and joy in an authentic, artistic vocal act.
  • Nadine Rodilla
    Voice teacher, singer / storyteller, body-mind therapist
    Lives inBrussels, Belgium
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1994
    Malérargues: A place to find oneself
  • Saule Ryan
    Teacher and Actor
    Lives inMalérargues, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1977
    “ Singing“ allows me to dynamically explore many different qualities of sound, some of them quite extreme, so that with time my capacity to express myself both as a singer and as a human being is enhanced. More in touch with myself and my voice I can be more in touch with others.
  • Mariane Siem
    Dramaturg, actor, speech therapist
    Lives inAarhus, Denmark
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2014
    Malérargues is for me the beautiful and important heart of the Roy Hart community. It is the meeting place for people who have experienced a Roy Hart moment that made such an impact on them that it created a longing for more.
  • Véronique Thomas
    Roy Hart voice teacher, singer, music teacher
    Lives inLiving in Britany, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2010
    Singing for me is an act of freedom, letting go, connection to my emotions, my physical sensations and my being as a whole. The Song makes me deeply alive.
  • Phil Timberlake
    Singer, Actor, Voice Trainer
    Lives inChicago, USA
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2013
    Singing is Connection: to self, to others, to the world.
  • Akhmatova Samuels
    Singing Teacher
    Lives inLyon, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1966
    My voice-body work is practical, the fruit of my experience as a singer, actress, and teacher, applying what I learnt from Roy and Dorothy and with fellow-pupils and teachers since 1964. My voice comes from my whole body: this means I move « every joints »  while inviting voice to come in on the out-breath, as it wants. This is my warm-up and pre- rehearsal.
  • Clara Silber-Harris
    Actress, Theater Director, Voice Teacher
    Lives inThoiras, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1977
    Singing is breath moved by feeling when words no longer hold their meaning ... and given time, singing moves life into greater meaning especially as the world loses touch with its feeling.
  • Paul Silber
    Singer, Actor, Theater Director, Writer, Photographer, Voice Teacher
    Lives inThoiras, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since1968
    Awe says in the video of his lesson to Roy - « more body » this is the Key to the work. Everyone thinks they have a body, but in reality they only have a head. What does the ear hear when there is more body? The answer to this takes time and care.
  • Laila Skovmand
    Singer, Composer, Voiceteacher
    Lives inAarhus, Denmark
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2006
    I have huge passion for the voice has turned into an eternal exploration of the amazing and manifold expression of the voice. I am specialised in working with the individual and expressive voice in musical contexts balancing between individuality/community, inner/outer world and acting/listening.
  • Laurent Stéphan
    Actor, Singer, Theatre and Voice Teacher
    Lives inMalérargues, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2011
    In the RHT approach, work happens at the nexus of body, voice, self-knowledge, theater and music. This exploration allows us to build bridges and increase unity within ourselves.
  • Zwaantje de Vries
    Performer, Dansexpressie teacher
    Lives inNijmegen, Netherlands
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2013
    There is nothing that gets you closer to your-self than your voice, there is nothing that gets you closer to the Other, then The voice.
  • Susanne Weins
    Performance artist, Alexander Technique teacher
    Lives inDüsseldorf, Germany
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since2001
    Malérargues is my second home. When I think of it, I remember sharing deep times with my dear friends Robert, Marita, Jonathan. It is the navel of the world, the mother-house of this really unique and beautiful exploration of the voice and being.
  • Linda Wise
    Actress, theatre director, singing/voice teacher
    Lives inParis, France
    Roy Hart Voice Teacher since
    Malérargues was built on a dream of a remarkable man, Roy Hart, and some exceptional people who worked with him. The capacity of a generation of actor/singers to say „yes“ and to hold to this undefined vision in the face of tragedy continues to challenge the historians and myth makers.


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