Michèle Laforest

French Teacher, Actress, Voice Teacher
Lives in Paris and Foix, France
Worked with the Roy Hart Theatre (before 1991)
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 1983

To discover our different voices is to discover a way of life! Body and voice together reveal the true verticality of the human: going beyond our limits allows the richness of inner musicality to express itself with authenticity.

In September 1976 Michèle Laforest discovered the Roy Hart Theatre voice work, which is a life-changing experience. At the time she was a French teacher in Casablanca, where she lived with her three children. In 1979 she moved back to France and began her voice training, while at the same time working as an actor in different companies: Roy Hart Theatre and then Archipelago, with Alain Timar, Le Nadir… She started teaching voice in 1983 in Paris and then in Germany snd Japan… She also researches the unconscious, psychology and shamanism.
Michèle Laforest trained with Richard Armstrong, Derek Rossignol, Marita Günther, Noah Pikes, Margaret Pikes and Robert Harvey.
She speaks French, English and Spanish.