Esther Knappe

Singer, Dancer, Voice Teacher
Lives in Zürich
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2012

I love discovering the beauty of an individual voice: beauty in the sense of singing from a place within us where we are confident, conscious and authentic; dancing with the voice deeply rooted in the body; giving voice to whatever is inside or around us and transforming it into music; singing and living everything which envelopes our soul-voice – feelings, memories, thoughts, emotional or muscular tensions, dreams…. This lively creativity necessitates a high quality of listening, both to myself and to others – to feel connected. For me it’s a marriage between art and spirituality, embracing everything. It’s my life.

Born in Hanover, Germany. Trained as a professional dancer, she worked with various ballet and independent dance-theatre companies. After experiencing choral and classical singing, she discovered Roy Hart work in 1994. Her vocal training was completed by voice and movement classes with Monika Pagneux (Lecoq, Paris) and Yoshi Oida (Peter Brook’s ensemble). In 1998 she co-founded the duo ‘EstherEsther’ which toured theatrical musical shows in Switzerland and Germany. From 2003 she began bringing voice into her dance classes – and still loves to explore what emerges from the voice in movement. She started a vocal group in Zurich, focused on improvisation and songs and graduated as a Roy Hart voice teacher in 2012. She teaches regularly in Zurich, Geneva and on a professional clown course in France.
Esther Knappe has trained with Pascale Ben, Kevin Crawford, Jonathan Hart Makwaia, Margaret Pikes, Renata Roagna, Linda Wise, Derek Rossignol.
She teaches in English, French, German (and some Spanish!)


E-Mail: esther.knappe@bluewin.ch
Personal website for voice work and performances, www.estherknappe.com