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Núria Inglada

Actress, Theatre Director
Nomadic, for the moment
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2011

My philosophy keeps changing as I walk deeper into the forest of myself/voice.
It has been for me:
– a place to express my needs, to be happy, to be wild, to be aware of my patterns, to BREATHE and going deep by opening my arms, my voice, my soul…
– a path to be: sometimes I sing, sometimes I listen, sometimes I listen while singing, sometimes I sing while listening…
And now, it’s an unknown – being created while being in it – which invites me to disappear, melting myself in other’s voices. Flowing with others, going towards … a sea?

Núria Inglada Cardona was born in Barcelona in 1968. She has a degree in Dramatic Art from the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona) and an MA in Artes Escénicas from the University of Vigo. As well as these qualifications, she has others from different workshops: all of the certificates are very beautiful! She has worked as a teacher in the Escola Superior de Arte Dramática in Vigo for too many years. ‘There is no other way to make art. I can only express who I am. Everything I do or show is filtered by my own beliefs, patterns and story… (thank God/life for it). So, I’d better start to know – to sing myself if I want to show something interesting’. She is interested in the therapeutic power of art.
Nuria Inglada trained with David Goldsworthy, Ian Magilton, Carol Mendelsohn and Saule Ryan. She speaks Spanish, Catalan and English.