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Christiane Hommelsheim

Voice performer
Lives in Berlin, Germany
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2010

The human voice in all its colors and expressive possibilities, independently of aesthetic norms and conventions, is the center of attention in my work. If we listen closely to our voices we listen closely to ourselves. The voice as a bridge between our rich inner world and the world around us fascinates me in art and life.

After completing her studies of video and performance art at the Art Academy of Saarbrücken, (Germany) Christiane Hommelsheim, who lives and works in Berlin, began creating voice performances in which video plays an important part. She is active in Berlin’s improvised music scene and creates performances as solo works, or together with other artists. In 2010 she received her teaching qualification from the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart and teaches voice in several European countries, and also coaches dancers and actors.
Christiane Hommelsheim has trained with Richard Armstrong, David Goldsworthy, Jonathan Hart Makwaia, Carol Mendelsohn, Rosemary Quinn, Saule Ryan and Linda Wise.
She speaks English, French and German.


E-mail: nanni@eigene-stimme.de

Workshops with Walli Höfinger, www.eigene-stimme.de
Artistic work Christiane Hommelsheim, www.christianehommelsheim.de