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Since 1974 the Château de Malérargues, founded by the Roy Hart Theatre, has been a unique venue for exchange, teaching, training and creation. Established since 1991 as the Roy Hart International Art Center, it welcomes artists, students, educators, and curious souls from all over the world, who come to find unique approaches to voice, body, movement, and psychology, applicable not only in the performing arts but also in everyday life. The work at the Centre is based on a history of almost 100 years of research, study and practice of the human voice without boundaries.

Photo from Clément Caudal’s video

Upcoming Workshops – Spring 2023


Save the date! TUMULTES Festival 2023

Following last year’s huge success, we’re delighted to announce that the Roy Hart Centre will be hosting the second annual Tumultes Festival on May 26-28 this year, in collaboration with the Collectif Ondes Sonores.
Watch this space for announcements this year’s program, new artists, partners and other surprises!

SCI Fondation de Malérargues: Spring 2023 volunteer project

For Members of the Roy Hart Centre: For several years now, the SCI has been organizing an annual collaborative project in Malérargues, known as “Interns Week” or “Springterns”. These are week-long initiatives during which participants are hosted by the SCI to participate in hands-on activities such as gardening and painting as well as daily singing lessons. Springterns 2023 will take place around the Easter period (April 1-8, 2023). This year’s project will concentrate on building a tasteful fence around the gardens, studios and residences of Malérargues to keep the wild boar from ploughing up the flowers. Given that it will be more than a kilometre in length we don’t think that we will get it finished in the week, but it will be fun together among the flowers and under the blossoms. In case of inclement weather, an alternate indoor project will be organized. Daily schedule: 10am-1pm and 3pm-5pm practical work; 6pm-8pm group singing lessons in the studio. We also envision individual singing lessons during the day for each participant. Maximum 8 participants. For further information, please contact Ian Magilton and Rosa Cotton

Workshops in Malérargues and around the world

Roy Hart Voice Workshops in Malérargues are held mainly between March and November. During the season performances, open rehearsals, and social events are also hosted.

Advanced Training to deepen the work is offered in different formats, including Intensive Workshops over a longer period of time and Teacher Training Groups.

Over time a dynamic network of voice teachers, who are the successors of the Roy Hart work, has developed around the world. Their workshops are also listed here.


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