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    Roy Hart Theatre : a personal recollection

    Ivan Midderigh
    "Roy Hart Theatre Photographic collection", by Ivan Midderigh

Roy Hart Theatre: A personal recollection
By Ivan Midderigh, Apple Books, 2012
Roy Hart Theatre photographic collection

The pictures in this book represent the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of the amount of photographic material stored in the archives and my wish is to publish a collection which will encompass the 100 year history of the voice work dating from the 1914-1918 war after which Alfred Wolfsohn became the creator of a special style of voice training, now known as the “Roy Hart Theatre approach”.

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Ivan Midderigh

Ivan Midderigh is an actor, singer, photographer, and leadership Communication Trainer.
Born in Somerset (England) and educated through Rudolf Steiners’s Waldorf School system, Ivan is a graduate of the Brighton College of Arts and Crafts where he studied fine arts and photography. While working as a freelance photographer in London, he attended the first Roy Hart Theatre voice workshop in 1971 and subsequently became a member of the company.

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