Roy Hart Theatre at Malerargues – book launch

“Roy Hart Theatre at Malérargues” by Ian Magilton

The origin, philosophy and work of Roy Hart Theatre is profound, in particular its research into the extended ‘human voice’, and it has been the subject of many books and serious disertations. Yet the story of Roy Hart Theatre at Malérargues has been equally dramatic, tragic, comic, touching, thrilling and entertaining as anything they have ever done on stage.

In 1974 forty-seven members of Roy Hart Theatre began their move from the gentile Hampstead suburb of London to a huge bankrupt ruin of a chateau in the south of France, filled with wild ideas and an idealistic passion for theatre and life. You can imagine what happened – actually, you can’t, it’s almost unimaginable, you’ll just have to read about it.


Available for purchase at the CAIRH Office, Malerargues.