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Dear friends,

The summer season has begun and it’s wonderful seeing Malérargues come alive with your voices and with such passion and spirit in the workshops, performances, residences, and of course at the recent Tumultes festival.

The workshops are filling up nicely from mid-July to the end of August, and some are already fully booked. Time to jump on the few remaining spots available for the early July workshops before it’s too late!

We look forward to seeing you all in Malérargues again soon!

The Board of Directors of the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart

What news?

2023 summer line-up of shows

Ouverture de saison 2023 à Malérargues avec le Trio Plaids

Our 2023 program of shows is online here, and we’re looking forward to welcoming a wide variety of artists, including many familiar faces and a few new ones!

In addition to attending individual performances and buying tickets on a pay-as-you-go basis, we remind you that you can purchase season tickets valid for the whole summer. 60 euros allows you admission to all 8 shows of our summer season without having to pay anything on the day. And for those of you who are far away and want to support live entertainment in Malérargues, you can purchase a season ticket anyway, even if you don’t intend to see any shows. By doing so you’ll support payments to the performing artists and help us plan a more ambitious program for next season (please click here for more information).

We look forward to seeing you at curtain-up time!

What are we celebrating?

The great success of the second editon of the TUMULTES festival

Centre Roy Hart Festival Tumultes 2023

It’s almost summer in Paris, old friends are here, we’re having an aperitif and sharing the news on the balcony. It’s time to talk about the few days I spent in Malérargues for the Tumultes festival, and the joy it inspired.

In studio no 1, I listened to some of the women’s testimonies through their podcast and the exchange that followed. I was particularly moved by Yasmina Hamlawi’s sharing of “Perle”, the story of Fos, a woman who shares with us her path through life after a forced marriage, with the memory of “the day her pearl was taken from her”. How not to cry when faced with the unthinkable? This violence against the feminine echoed within me. I felt both very privileged to have my freedom as a woman and connected to the Fos experience.

Clara Ries’ work, with the “Radko clarinet” inherited from her mother, drew me into questions of intergenerational transmission: what can we take in from our elders? what can we transform? what should we leave them?

At lunchtime on Sunday, in the village square, I listened to the elders of Radio Castagne, the clandestine radio station of the struggling miners of the Cévennes basin, launched in 1979 during the long Ladrecht conflict. I admired the energy and pride of these committed men. Suddenly, images of the Roy Hart Théâtre troupe recently settled in Malérargues came to mind. How do the struggles of these two worlds come together? What if we were to imagine a radio program with the Roy Hart Théâtre alumni for the next Tumultes on the occasion of our 50th anniversary in Malérargues?

From the Parisian balcony where we’re enjoying the moment, we hear an unusual bird song that reminds me of what touched me most. I’m back on the sound walk in the woods around Malérargues offered by ornithologist and photographer Camille Gautheron.

Did you know that birds have not only their own specific song, but also a very distinctive warning call? As we stroll along, each bird in turn, or all together, expresses itself: oriole? nightingale? warbler? chaffinch? We pause frequently to listen and take note. Sometimes a shy attempt is made to respond. What Camille shares with us is a humility and curiosity about nature, and an incredible ability to listen. He invites us to be creative with nature. This reminds me of Kozana’s approach to Land Art. What if we learned to dialogue with the birds? What if we organized a time of research and creation with Camille for the next Tumultes festival?

Thanks to the Tumultes team for the energy and dynamism they bring to this magnificent venue. My dearest wish would be to engage in research and encounters between the various actors we’ve met and our work on the voice. What if we took advantage of our summer meetings to decide collectively on actions to propose?

For more photos and to read the article in the Midi Libre newspaper, please click here.


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