Dear all,
Merry Christmas and Happy new year from the CAIRH! And below, a newsletter for this autumn, written by Catherine Bédarida who we are delighted to announce has just joined our team of volunteers working on the Roy-Hart Centre’s communication.

We are also proud to announce that all our studios are now equipped with a fully-operational heat pump. This very expensive device will largely reduce both our carbon footprint and heating costs for the studios. We will now be able to host workshops, classes, rehearsals and events comfortably throughout the year.

January 2020 Seminar in Malérargues

The Centre artistique international Roy Hart (CAIRH) invites its members to a Meeting on January 3-6 2020, in Malérargues. Christiane Hommelsheim, member of the Board, talks to us.

What is the purpose of this Meeting?
The aim for these four days is to clarify our collective project, to meet in the flesh and discuss the current questions, desires and issues we face, to improve the operating structure.

What is the program for the four days?
An organising team including CAIRH members and members of the Board is putting up the program based on all the ideas and wishes collected from everyone. In the morning, we might begin with a short moment to warm up or sing together, followed by a first conference block, ideally plenum and with the help of a facilitator. Then a time in small groups, and back to the whole plenum. Afternoon might begin with an hour all together dedicated to whatever is needed, whether it is feedback, singing or personal exchanges. Then, possibly another conference block, where we might work in small groups on topics like teaching and transmission, artistic activities, financial issues, structural issues… all this will be planned by the preparational team.

What happens after?
The meeting might allow us to take decisions, come up with concrete decisions and maybe take votes. We’ll have a clearer view of what our collective needs are — but in order to figure this out, we need to actually spend this time together, to talk and to listen. This meeting could be the first of a series of collective work meetings, with a purpose to: Identify the different issues at stake and address them together; Delegate tasks; Benefit from each others’ competences; Involve more people in the running of the association.

Practical info :
Meeting January 3, 4, 5, 6, in Malérargues.
Arrival on the 2nd evening.
The Centre takes care of accomodation and evening meals

In 2019, two new Roy-Hart teachers. Who are they?

Anne Sophie Masson
Born in France in 1974, Anne-Sophie grew up in Normandy, where she did horse-riding, ballet dancing, judo… At 18 she started as a self-taught street performer (percussions, accordion and singing). She has been training with the Roy Hart Theatre since 1999. She is part of a theatre company in Alès and has done several shows with them. She has been teaching voice since 2013 (after several long-term workshops with the Roy Hart). She still often plays on the roads, on the streets, in schools, retirement homes, homes for the disabled… She likes to improvise. She makes and plays several musical instruments.

One specific memory from your training to become a Roy Hart teacher?
During my first singing lesson, I was advised to pay attention to my dreams. I wrote down this highly symbolic dream: I am facing a woman I know, she is pulling a thread from my mouth which I feel is going through my entire body. At the end of the thread, there is a piece of lead. She catches it and says: « don’t move. There is another one ». That second one stops at my plexus and I wake up with a jolt. After that dream I never stopped singing. I had found my voice.

Lutz Pickardt
Lutz Pickardt, born 1965 in Hagen, West Germany. For almost thirty years, has been working as freelance director and drama teacher in projects, trainings and workshops in Germany and Europe (e.g. Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, France, Bosnia Herzegowina, etc.), with a special focus on Grotowski based physical theatre. Nowadays gives workshops, teaches drama teachers. Also trained as theatre therapist at the end of the 1990ies in North Germany, where he meets Zwaantje de Vries who introduces him to Roy-Hart voice work. Since 2007, comes to Malérargues at least every summer, often more.

A special moment during your training as Roy Hart voice teacher ?
Lots of them! Some of the most impressive ones happened while working on my « personal project », which every trainee has to develop over the years. I discovered and incorporated several characters from my biography into my body and my voice: my father, myself as a boy and as a youngster, even a teenage girl that surprisingly lives in me, and not to forget my « son », who became the fictional narrator of the performance in the end – an idea of Ian which was really brilliant. The whole thing was an amazing process of liberation that I will never forget.

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