Teachers Week 2016

April 4, 2016
Roy Hart Theatre Teachers Week – 22 – 26 March 2016
34 Roy Hart Theatre teachers, 7 residents of Malérargues and members of the board met for 5 days of exchange and Singing.
The 41 people were from 16 countries (South America and Europe) coming together for very lively and fruitful meetings unlike anything that has happened before.
The days were filled with classes of all kinds, teaching each other, body work, voice exploration, songs, improvisation, sometimes altogether, sometimes in small groups and individual work.
theatre class
Each evening there were performances:
“Moving octaves” by Susanne Weins and Saso Vollmeier,
“Cheers Dylan”, a reading by Clara Silber-Harris and Paul Silber,
“Je ne suis pas née pour devenir squelette” by Michèle Laforet and
“Generation” with Saso Vollmeier, Marianne Letron, David Goldsworthy, Saule Ryan, Carol Mendelsohn, Kaya Anderson and Ian Magilton.
There were lectures and talks about Alfred Wolfsohn, Roy Hart and us, about the future of Malérargues, the future of our work and the possibilities for the continuity of the various pathways in our work.
The spirit of this gathering was full of joy, of hearing our voices together, of moving and being moved by each other.
To be continued…..Edda Heeg