The 2024 Myth & Theatre Festival: GENII/PLURAL

July 4 to 14 2024 at Malérargues

Pantheatre and its Myth and Theatre Festival, founded in 1987, have been exploring, since 2017, the facets of MAGIC -considering Magic to offer the broadest and richest horizon of human agency and thought. This year we will explore the genial plurality of Magic, tackling the very notion of GENIUS and its phenomenology, through laboratories, lectures and performances.

We will also pay tribute to the figures of genius who inspired Pantheatre, starting with Roy Hart and James Hillman – including seminars under the title: Roy Hart: Myth and Theatre.

The following Festival, in 2025, will take on the abrupt and tragic death of Roy Hart, only months after the “miraculous” purchase of Malérargues. Magic can also be, and often is accompanied by terrible spells, and must not be confined to optimistic illusions.

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