The Bordeaux Bègles Génération

After our wonderful Génération tour of Switzerland last year I wrote, “This is the way I want to tour from now on – with the aid and hospitality of good friends”. In Bordeaux Bègles it was another long-standing friend and collaborator; Daniel Sassi, who over two and a half years planned and organised everything for the tour. Now, to organise a tour of theatre is very complicated even in normal conditions, but to organise the Génération team is like herding cats. But she and her her friends in the Orion -‘Fleurs de carote’ association did it and did it brilliantly! in every detail, as a consequence the performances were good and well received by full houses. And there were even more parties, some even more outrageous than in Switzerland!

These were supposed to be the last, farewell performances of Génération, but now we are pondering other possibilities…

Ian Magilton