• Book, 2017

    A Little Book of Voice

    Ralf Peters
    A little Book of Voice, Ralf Peters

Paperback, 2017
56 pages
ISBN-13: 9783744896344

This little book is a collection of thoughts and ideas about the practice of voice development beyond art and therapy. How could people be given access to the field of human voice who don´t wish to use their voice artistically? At the same time this book is a brief introduction to the voice work of Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart.

Ralf Peters

Ralf Peters
was born in 1964 in Germany. He is an extended voice and performance artist, a doctor of philosophy (Thesis: “The knowledge of doing/acting“ “Das Wissen vom Handeln“ Köln 2000). He works regularly in Germany, France, Switzerland, and has also taught and performed in Italy, UK, China, Taiwan. He thinks and writes about voice. He is the president of the association “stimmfeld e.V.“ and co-director of the voice-performance ensemble KörperSchafftKlang. First contact with RHT in 1995 in a workshop by Paul and Clara Silber who became his life-long mentors, teachers, friends. He works as a radio announcer and reciter. Alongside his artistic work he organises conferences and festivals about voice and art.