Ralf Peters

Voice and Performance Artist, Philosopher, Voice Teacher
Lives in Cologne, Germany
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2006

My philosophy of the voice work is a life-long end ever-changing project. If you want to get an idea of some of the former and currents states, look at my writings, videos and artistic projects or just contact me!

Ralf Peters was born in 1964 in Germany. He is an extended-voice and performance artist, a doctor of philosophy (Thesis: ‘The knowledge of doing/acting’-‘Das Wissen vom Handeln’, Köln, 2000).

He works regularly in Germany, France, Switzerland, and has also taught and performed in Italy, UK, China, Taiwan. He thinks and writes about voice. He is the president of the association ‘stimmfeld e.V.’ and co-director of the voice-performance ensemble KörperSchafftKlang.

First contact with Roy Hart Theatre was in 1995 in a workshop by Paul and Clara Silber who became his life-long mentors, teachers, friends. He works as a radio announcer and reciter. Alongside his artistic work, he organises conferences and festivals about voice and art.

Ralf has trained with Paul Silber, Clara Silber Harris, Marita Günther, Jonathan Hart Makwaia and Rosemary Quinn.
He speaks German, English and French.


www.stimmfeld.de, Ralf’s main website with information about his teaching, artistic work, theoretical work. With an English section.
www.hoerfeld.de, with some audiorecordings published on CD and as downloads.
www.stimmfeld-verein.de, the website of the association in Cologne, with documents their festivals, conferences, performances etc.

– http://stimmfeld.blogspot.de/: artistic work with voice and Chinese ideas and aspects, in English and German
– http://waystothevoice.blogspot.de/: with English translation of Ralf’s book, ‘Ways to the voice’, (coming step by step)
– http://artistincapitalism.blogspot.de/: about the question of how one can be an artist in this capitalist society: ideas, doubts, questions, quotations, videos. In english and german

– Momentaufnahme: ‘an attempt to give a kind of presentation of my voice as it was in 2005’
– wellen laenge – wave length, two voices flowing, floating, swaying, wheezing, gushing into tiniest gaps, breath, froth, frequency shift and static – fringe zones, minimal shifts from breath to sound and back again, a web of waves as ‘organic abstraction’, 14 duo vocal explorations

– Wege zur Stimme, Reisen ins menschliche Stimmfeld, Bielefeld 2018. New edition – available on this link
– Kleines Stimmbuch für alle, Ein Notizbuch, Köln Unverzagt Verlag 2014
– A little book of voice, 2017, available on this link

Videos on Ralf’s websites and blogs