Audrey Pernell

Singer, Actress, Voice Teacher
Lives in Santiago de Chile, Chile
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2015

For me, this is integrative voice work bridging body, emotion, imagination, and musicality, all in service to the performer’s artistic journey and personal development. We take creative risks by suspending ourselves in moments of vocal conflict and doubt. In doing so we can open unexpected possibilities and connect with where the sound wants to go, beyond what we think we want from our voices. In this way we can learn to value the whole of our human instrument and what our expressive voice has to offer, leading us to sing generously with authenticity, pleasure, and purpose.

Audrey Pernell is a performer and voice teacher in Santiago, Chile. She began her journey into the Roy Hart voice work with Jonathan Hart Makwaia as a theatre student at Swarthmore College in 2003. Since 2006 she also has worked with Pantheatre, and under the mentorship of Linda Wise she completed a self-designed Master’s degree in Voice Performance and Pedagogy through Antioch University Midwest in 2011. In Santiago, Audrey has taught actors, singers, dancers, musicians, as well as speech therapists, psychologists, and fellow voice pedagogues. Alongside her husband, Chilean performer and voice teacher Andrés Zará, she directs Rumbos Laboratorio Artístico Vocal, a collective of artists who investigate the voice’s vast expressive and creative potential.