• Workshops with RUMBOS Artistic Voice Laboratory

    Directed by Audrey Pernell & Andrés Zará

    Dates:All Year
    Place:Santiago, Chile
    Price:Check description
    Participants:10 max.
    Level:Open to all


We teach several workshops year-round, offering 3-5 group classes each week. If you’re traveling abroad to study with us, we can design an intensive experience for you, combining group classes, individual lessons and cultural activities.


Audrey Pernell: Certified Roy Hart Teacher, Pantheatre Associated Artist
Andrés Zará: Voice, Music & Performance Coach, Pantheatre Associated Artist
with guest teaching artists

Price for 2017:

The average price for 8 hours of group work is $50.000 Chilean pesos. Individual lessons cost $40.000 pesos per hour, or $100.000 pesos for 4 sessions.

We ground our work in a vision of the voice as something mysterious and multifaceted–a phenomenon that integrates the physical, psychological, emotional, and cultural aspects of our human experience. In our practice, we seek to deepen our student’s capacity to experience these essential connections, whether working with song, speech or raw sound. Every voice has value, and everyone holds the potential to access an infinitely wide palate of vocal qualities.

Each artist has something distinctive to express, communicate, or reveal. As such, we acknowledge that the way to make vocal discoveries and manifest creative potential is unique in each person’s process. We offer ourselves as guides in this process, providing students with the support they need to confront their limitations, take creative risks, and discover artistic purpose in their own time.

Booking Information and Contact:

Facebook: RumbosChile