Enrique Pardo

Created in 1981, co-directed with Linda Wise
Lives in Paris and at Malérargues
Worked with Roy Hart and was part of the Roy Hart Theatre (before 1991)

My work honors two main figures of inspiration: Roy Hart († 1975) and the idealism of his philosophy and practice of voice, and the ideas of American writer and psychologist, James Hillman († 2011) – Carl Jung’s main heir.

The year 2025 will mark the 50th anniversary of Roy Hart’s death. I plan to assemble and write a collection of in-depth articles on him, on the seven years I worked with him (1968 to 1975) and on the fifty years since, during which I’ve been lucky enough to travel widely, especially artistically, and to meet many masters, who became friends, including James Hillman. Some of them are younger than me, like Peruvian actor Luis Ramirez, director Romeo Castellucci, and more recently, the French philosopher Xavier Papaïs.

I founded Pantheatre in 1981, and co-direct it with my partner Linda Wise. We are based in Paris and in Malérargues – as an autonomous company associated with the Roy Hart Centre. Read more here