Noah Pikes

Whole Voice teacher, trainer and coach, Writer and speaker
Lives in Zürich, Switzerland
Worked with Roy Hart and the Roy Hart Theatre (before 1991)
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 1978

I call my work The Whole Voice, which enables students to experience the whole containing the many opposites in both our human nature and voice. Roy Hart wrote ‘Realizing the relation between aggressor and victim is in myself, I worship Abraxas, the god of synthesis of opposites’. Working on polarities such as height/depth, love/hate, fast/slow, wild/tame, male/female are what enrich both person and voice. I have come to realize that this process was central to Roy Hart’s work, is what I value most in what I received from him, and is the motivation for my teaching.

Born in wartime London, and frustrated in his attempts to discover a means of expression, it was in 1967 that Roy Hart showed Pikes it was right under his nose – his voice! Singing enabled him to engage creatively both with himself and others. From 1974, he worked and studied in Malérargues until moving to Switzerland in 1991. In the last 30 years, he continued to work on his voice and perform, wrote a book on the history of Roy Hart Theatre, and studied improvised music, movement, clown theatre, psychodrama, contemporary shamanism, and Jungian and Archetypal psychology. These studies, which enhanced all that he received from Roy Hart and his teachers, led to a new name for his own approach: The Whole Voice. He is currently working on a teaching book, as well as collaborations with coaches and giving lessons.
Noah has trained with Liza Mayer, Derek Rossignol, Barry Coghlan and Enrique Pardo.
Noah teaches in English and French.


E-Mail: noahpikes@gmail.com
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