Mariane Siem

Dramaturge, storyteller, speech therapist
Lives in Aarhus, Denmark
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2014

The voice work offers a possibility to connect and express without the logic of spoken words. It offers a relief from the conventions and conversations of daily life and a space where you can express your self – here and now – from the body and in tune with the emotions. It opens up to musicality and imagination. It invites you to listen to yourself in a new way and creates a bridge between the internal and the external world. The voice work touches what is deeply human.

Mariane Siem (b. 1968) became a certified Roy Hart Voice Centre Teacher in 2014 and she is also trained as a speech therapist and dramaturge. She teaches voice at the Danish National School of Performing Arts and she has her own theatre company, where she is doing improvised theatre and storytelling for children. Improvisation is the core of her artistic work, focusing on listening, playfulness, expression, and musicality. She holds the space for the participants to develop their understanding of the many possibilities of vocal expression – in life and in singing, storytelling, and performance.
Mariane Siem has trained with Carol Mendelsohn, Saule Ryan, and Laila Skovmand.
She speaks Danish, English, and tiny bit of French.