Mariane Siem

Dramaturge, actor, speech therapist
Lives in Aarhus, Denmark
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2014

The voice work gives people a chance to connect and to express without the logic of spoken dialogue. It offers a relief from daily life conventions and conversations. In the sphere of non-logic, in the aesthetic approach, it is possible to be in the here and now, in the moment, in the body.
 That is why improvisation is the key word for me as a teacher whether it is done within a frame of words, movement or sound. It is a way into the emotions, musicality and the imagination. As you improvise you listen to yourself, and at the same time you listen to the people and the space around you. For me improvisation is symbolic of being a human being, because it expresses a dialogue between the internal and the external world. The humanity of this work is what touches me the most when I teach.

Mariane Siem became a qualified Roy Hart teacher in 2014. Improvisation is the core of her artistic work. For many years she has created improvised theatre for children (www.kulissen.dk), and she also teaches improvised story telling and contact dance. 
In her voice work the focus is on listening, playfulness, self expression, creativity, imagination, musicality, improvisation and the important relationship between voice and body in singing, story telling and performance.

Besides her artistic work she is also trained as a speech therapist.
Mariane Siem has trained with Carol Mendelsohn, Saule Ryan, Laila Skovmand.
She speaks Danish and English.