Clara Silber-Harris

Actress, Theatre Director, Voice Teacher
Lives in Port-Vendres, France
Worked with Roy Hart and was part of the Roy Hart Theatre (before 1991)
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 1977

I have found the most revealing aspect of the voice work is that you cannot explore it without involving your body 100%. Searching for emotional qualities of sounds, from dark aggressive to light and beautiful, also requires a mindful approach such that the sounds are lived out and become integrated into oneself. Theatre plays an important role, theatre means repetition, one’s sounds are not just accidents, they’re part of the ongoing journey. At 70, I feel healthy and balanced because of this process.

Clara Silber-Harris studied science at Nottingham University and in London in the 60s. Her personal interests lay in theatre and in 1971 on seeing the performance of Roy Hart Theatre’s ‘And’, sound and movement only, her horizons shifted. She became part of the Roy Hart Theatre and in December 1974 she moved to Malérargues and began teaching and performing there in 1977. She and her husband Paul Silber created a Voice Centre in Geneva where they worked regularly in the ’80s. They gave workshops elsewhere in Europe, plus workshops and performances with students of the region around Malérargues. The making of a film and several of their own performances followed. Paul and Clara created the Archives website 1998 and ‘La Mémoire’ in 2008.
Clara Silber-Harris has trained with Kaya M. Anderson, Richard Armstrong, Paul Silber, Dorothy Hart and Marita Gunther.
She speaks English and French.