Laurent Stéphan

Actor, Singer, Massage Practitioner
Lives in Malérargues, Thoiras, France
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2011

For me, the philosophy of the Roy Hart voice work lies in listening to and observing the totality of the person who is expressing; taking the risk to be fully in the moment and following our intuitions. It is to give confidence to the student so s/he will dare to venture into places within him or herself, and into qualities of the voice perhaps not yet known, while taking pleasure in this exploration. It is to open a field of possibilities and to welcome the many personalities, voices and energies of which we are comprised. Finally, it is to appreciate beauty wherever it resides.

Body-oriented teacher, Laurent Stéphan holds a National Diploma for Teaching Theatre. He is very interested in understanding what expands presence in a person and in a performer. His unique approach and perspective is informed by his professional expertise as a theatre performer, a massage practitioner and singer, specializing in traditional polyphony of Georgia (4 CDs and over 200 concerts).

To enhance his goal of inviting each voice to arise and sound freely, he works with playfulness and spontaneity, but then combines this approach with a rigorous teaching of three-part harmonies, to develop musical and rythmical accuracy in his students.

Laurent Stéphan has trained with Pascale Ben, Marie Paule Marthe, Flavio Polizzy, Renata Roagna, Saule Ryan and Linda Wise.
He speaks French, English, Italian and Spanish.


E-mail: laurent_stephan@yahoo.fr
Sensitive Massage Website, www.laurentstephan.fr/massagesensitif

‘Why do foreigners sing traditional georgian songs?’ (ethnomusicology), lecture at 2nd International Symposium for traditional polyphony in Tbilissi, 2004.

4 CDs of Georgian traditional songs: ‘Le Soupra’ Ensemble Marani (Musidisc 179082) ; ‘Soleil intérieur’ Trio Mze Shina (Ad340c) ; ‘Kirialesa’ Ensemble Mze Shina (Ad682c) ; ‘Ertad’ Ensemble Marani (Buda Musique 4782047)

Teaser of a solo performance based on Pierre Rivière, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D26D_hfeKk