Singing shutters

Each year we hold at least two residential work/singing exchanges at Malérargues. This years major project was to restore and repaint the shutters at the front of the Château, because this is what they looked like…

I had warned us that it would be quite a circus to get them all down, sandblasted, sanded, repaired, sanded again, painted, painted again and hung up – in seven days! And it was! And we did it… Well, with a lot of overtime. This is what they look like now.

Enormous thanks to: Angelo de Bernado, Christiane Hommelsheim, Ivan Midderigh, Laure Meaney, Mirthe Doktor, Arno Peck, Siobhan McCann, Clémence Aldebert, Marie Rouge, João Charepe, Stephan Koch, Carole Paulin, Luis Angel Bellon, Tim Hammer, Anita Roksvâg, Anna Jehanno, Zwaantje de Vries and Ian Magilton, who all gave their work and energy for free. What next?

Ian Magilton