Sarmen Almond

Musician, & Voice Performer, Intermedia Artist. Voice Educator.
Lives in Mexico City
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2023

Taking the body as an instrument, in its physical, psychic and emotional totality, leads to the discovery and in-depth understanding of the sound that emanates from it, the voice.
I have committed myself to voice work as a form of self-knowledge and reflection for artistic creation. By taking into account the training of listening, imagination and intuition as a fundamental part of our work, I imagine and perceive that when we give voice, through it, we can become…

Sarmen is a Mexican musician, voice performer, and intermedia artist. She holds a Master’s degree in Sonic Arts from Queen’s University Belfast and has been awarded the SNCA (National System of Creators, Mexico) prize. She is the director of Alquimia Vocal, a platform dedicated to ongoing professional training in the use of the voice for the stage.

As a creator, Almond is very interested in free improvisation, experimental music and composition. She uses the voice and its relationship with electronic media to create compositions and decompositions of the personality on stage. She’s in constant quest of the infinite vocal possibilities of the human body as an instrument, as well as the reflection of these sounds in physical and imaginary spaces. Almond uses free improvisation, extended vocal techniques, programming and body work. She has performed in Mexico, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and several European countries.

Her principal vocal training has been directed by Hebe Rosell Masel, Enrique Pardo, Linda Wise, Liza Mayer, Jonathan Hart and Kaya Anderson.

Sarmen speaks English, Spanish, and some French.


Mail: alquimiavocal@gmail.com

Personal Website: https://sarmenalmond.wordpress.com
Facebook: SarmenAlmond
Instagram: @sarmen_almond @alquimia_vocal

Huellas – Composition for 4 musicians, water sonorities and a Biologist: https://sarmenalmond.bandcamp.com/album/huellas-huellas-de-lluvia
– Man In Motion – Discography of electronic/downtempo duet: https://maninmotionmusic.bandcamp.com
– Superstition – Music and Poetry Duet: https://corbettvsdempsey.bandcamp.com/album/superstition
– YT Channel with Video-Performances and SonFauces Serie: https://www.youtube.com/@SARMENfemme