Nadine Rodilla

Voice teacher, singer/storyteller, body-mind therapist
Lives in Brussels, Belgium
Has worked with the Roy Hart Theatre (before 1991)
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 1994

In my work, I simply follow the voice. It is the best of guides. It knows what to do and where it can and should go. If it gets stuck somewhere, I can help to release the body tensions, correct the posture, encourage opening and expression. Then everything falls into place, the knots untie themselves and the voice is there, explores new grounds, and expresses the whole being.

After studying several languages and starting a career as a translator, Nadine met the Roy Hart Theatre at the end of the 80’s and her life took a completely different direction. She has been teaching voice work, singing, acting and storytelling since 1994 in several organizations, including Maelström, which she co-created and co-directed with Joseph Clark for ten years in Brussels. She also presents and directs performances in those areas. In the work of Wilhelm Reich on body armour and of John Upledger on fascias, she found new tools and perspectives which she incorporated into her own vocal and artistic approach. She is also a body-mind therapist.
Nadine Rodilla trained with Joseph Clark, Rossignol, Richard Armstrong, Linda Wise, Margaret Pikes and Marie-Paule Marthe.
She speaks French, Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan.