Linda Wise

Actress, Theatre Director, Singing/Voice Teacher
Lives in Paris, France
Worked with Roy Hart and was part of the Roy Hart Theatre (before 1991)

When I was 19, I met a man who changed the direction of my life. Was it the man? Was it his philosophy? I can only say that this meeting formed the prima materia of my own work – and introduced me to the idea that Art is also a transformational life process. 

Born and brought up in Kenya, she trained at the Royal Conservatory of Scotland. She met Roy Hart when she was 19 and wrote her thesis on the Roy Hart Theatre before joining the company full-time in London.

Since Roy Hart’s death she has performed in or directed over 40 productions: solos, concerts, operas, devised performances, cabarets and has been the vocal coach in many more. Curious by nature she has continued to study and question her own status quo – classical and contemporary singing, music, dance, performance art …

She co-directs Pantheatre with Enrique Pardo and has had the chance to meet, work with and be challenged by some of the most important contemporary artists and thinkers and of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Passionately concerned with a vision of the voice that engages the widest possible perspective on each person’s individuality, she has taught in over 30 countries which she considers as a gift in learning to appreciate difference and the other. Her full CV may be seen on the Pantheatre website: 


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