Sašo Vollmaier

Piano Teacher, Accompanist, Composer, Performer
Lives in Paris & Malérargues, France

Listening. This is where I feel at home and where my personal research and work starts from. ‘How do I hear myself/others?’ or ‘How do I listen to myself/others?’: many different qualities change how we listen, and consequently affect the voice in the working process. I include the piano in my work, understanding this instrument as a second voice which can create not only the atmosphere and give the right pitch, but can touch the timbre of each voice and both can go together to the depth of the human soul.

Sašo Vollmaier, born in 1982, graduated from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2008 (professor of piano). In 2005 he met Pantheatre in Paris, France, and this collaboration brought him to Malérargues. Since then he has been involved in many different projects, performances and workshops in Europe and South America. In autumn 2014 he began collaboration with Atelier Performative Künste (Susanne Weins), and teaching in Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy, invited by Kevin Crawford, MFA program director. Vollmaier teaches different musical aspects, and encourages the students to invent their own language, working on presence, voice and movement. He was a keyboard player of the Slovenian industrial group/collective Laibach, performing in Europe and USA. He works as a studio musician, and composer/performer for different theatre productions.
Sašo works with several Roy Hart Voice Teachers as collaborator, pianist, student, performer and musical director.
He speaks Slovenian, English and French.


E-Mail: saso.vollmaier@gmail.com
Website, www.sasovollmaier.com

– ‘On voulait tout casser’, Movie by Philippe Guillard (music:Maxime Lebidois & Roméo Guillard), piano (2015)
– Nika Vistoropski: Ljuba, piano & voice (2015)
– Laibach: Spectre, industrial (2014)
– Laibach: Iron Sky, industrial (2013)
– Bratko Bibič & The Madleys: Kabinet čudes Brutka Bimbiča, Avant-Garde, international, classical, experimental (2013)
– Polona Kasal: Na cesti, electronic, indie, nu-wave (2013)
– Laibach: Monumental Retro-Avant-Garde, Live at Tate Modern, industrial (2012)
– Laibach: Revisited, industrial
– Silence: Musical Accompaniment For The End Of The World, alternative (2012)
– Zbudimo Kralja Matjazza, world, folk, experimental (2011)
– New Creatives: Soul Food, soul, funk (2009)
– Funtango: History, tango (2008)
– Sonja Lovrenčič: Filomundus, world, cabaret, jazz(2006)
– Haim Isaacs: The hole in the wall, world, experimental (2006)