Emanuella Lazzerini

Voice Teacher, Music Performer, Translator
Lives in Lucca, Italy
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2013

We are much more than we think we are, and I dare to say we are meant to grow and expand. So it is with our voice, this beautiful tool for self-discovery, pleasure and living-ness. Each time we vocally meet a part of ourself, we potentially shine a light of awareness, a bridge towards our emotions, mind, spirit, body and life-force energy.

Emanuela Lazzerini was born in Italy. Early on she discovered a personal connection to music, especially as a means of self-expression. As a performer she was a member of a street-theatre company and developed a love of being on stage. Deciding to develop her singing voice, she met the Roy Hart voice work and since then it’s become a source of research and ongoing inspiration. Her thirst for more brought her to walk a spiritual path of shamanic ceremonies and knowledge: she became an ‘apprentice’ in 2006.
Emanuella Lazzerini has trained with Carol Mendelsohn, Saule Ryan, David Goldsworthy, Derek Rossignol and Richard Armstrong.
She speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish.