• Body
  • consciousness
  • engagement
  • breathing
  • letting go
  • exploration
  • being in the present moment

Anne-Sophie Masson

Intermittente du spectacle
Lives in Le Croisty – Bretagne – France
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since May 2018

Singing is to recognise myself, to reveal and discover myself in the moment. Singing connects me with something bigger than myself, it makes my bones resonate and my breath awaken. Singing is to welcome the voices of the moment and to set off on a journey towards the unknown.

For me Roy Hart Voice work is about learning to welcome our voices in the moment and creating the space for them to reveal themselves. Discovering our voice is something special which continually shifts and changes. Inspiring confidence, and letting go, listening to what the pupil is discovering and subtly accompanying them. Taking the time to breathe in, and with the outbreath allowing yourself to express what wants to express itself through you. Exploring vocal qualities without judgement, everything is welcome. I want to accompany students as they take their different paths and cross the bridges which appear: each student’s journey will be unique.

Anne Sophie Masson was born in France in 1974. She spent her childhood in Normandy. At 18 she left home with a percussion instrument, an accordion and her voice. Self-taught, she began studying periodically with the Roy Hart Theatre in 1999. She worked with an Alès-based theatre company where she performed in several shows. She formed a company “Les Orifices” in 2000 and after that a sensual, humorous, duo – singing French songs – “Les Tzigales” which toured for ten years. In 2013 she joined the recently created Roy Hart Teacher Training programme, participating in 7 10-day sessions over 3 years. At the same time she started to do some voice teaching. During this time she met a professional storyteller Olivier Sessa with whom she began to collaborate, first accompanying him with her voice and instruments, and then creating shows with him. She created her own solo musical story-telling performance.
In 2017 she inherited Astrid Julien’s barrel organ. She is currently an “intermittente du spectacle” or professional performer. She has been teaching voice and rhythm for the past few years. Improvisation is what she loves most. She plays the N’goni, the Darbouka, the diatonic accordion, and she makes her own musical instruments. For her there are as many voices as there are stars in the sky…

She teaches in French and English.

She has trained with the following Roy Hart Voice Teachers:
Saule Ryan, Carol Mendelsohn, David Goldsworthy, Marianne Le Tron.