Natacha Crawford

Singer/musician, voice and singing teacher, choir director living in Madrid, Spain.

I love sound, its vibration and the effect it has on our minds and souls. I feel in continuous movement, attentive and listening to what the voice and the body can tell us and reveal. I believe in the necessity of generating spaces of trust and security to open up, to listen, explore, tune in, express and share with others in order to unleash the vocal, musical and human potential of each person.

Daughter of two founding members of the Roy Hart Theater, her relationship with the voice and singing is inherent to her multicultural and artistic roots, and it is impossible for her not to consider the voice from a multidisciplinary point of view. Her training has been constantly enriched by the teaching of exceptional teachers (classical Hindustani vocalist Dc. Prabha Atre), the practice of yoga and meditation, and musical, pedagogical and therapeutical projects. Currently based in Madrid, she collaborates with the a capella voice group Las Voces del Más Acá, sings with chamber choir of El Molino de Santa Isabel and directs the amateur choir of El Molino de Las Letras. She has directed for three years the women’s choir Las chicas de Korasa and co-founded in 2017 with Gestalt therapist Carine Bizot the voice exploration workshop Territorios de la Voz. She teaches the weekly class “We all can sing” at the Entredós Foundation, is part of the Diario Vivo team and works as vocal consultant for conscious leadership corporate training programs.

The self-reflective process in voice work (Master degree in Artistic, Literary and Culture Studies from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid), jazz and modern singing (Bachelor of Music from the Royal Conservatory, Den Haag), classical piano, music theory, contemporary and classical dance (degrees from the Mozart Conservatory, Paris). Currently studying Choir direction at the Carlos III University under the tutelage of Nuria Fernández Herranz.