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Margaret Pikes

Voice Teacher
Lives in Cologne (Germany) and Montagnac (France)
Worked with Roy Hart and was part of the Roy Hart Theatre (before 1991)
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 1970

My work is rooted in the Roy Hart approach to exploring the human (as opposed to the specialised) voice. I aim to help my students not only to free their voices but also to feel emotionally and physically connected to their vocal range in a way that builds a sense of vocal empowerment. Each student can come to feel that their voice belongs to them and that they possess a repertoire of vocal possibilities to which they have conscious access and which corresponds to who they are.

One of the Roy Hart Theatre founding members, Margaret Pikes has been a voice teacher internationally for more than 40 years. After participating in the early Roy Hart Theatre productions, Margaret continued as a professional singer of many genres from jazz to chanson Française. She sang as the soloist in the ‘Canto General’ for many years. She lived for six years in Togo, West Africa, singing regularly with the jazz trio ‘Anima’. She has recently toured with Smith Dancetheatre in ‘Agnes and Walter: A Little Love Story’. She is currently an honorary research fellow at Manchester University. For more detail of her 40 years of experience please see her website.
Margaret Pikes worked with Roy Hart, Dorothy Hart, Robert Harvey, Lisa Mayer, Kaya Anderson and Barry Coghlan.
She speaks English, French and German.


E-Mail: moc.oohay@0002sekipm

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