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Odile Gence

Trainer in “Massage Sensitif”, NonViolent Communication and Human Relationships
Teacher of Relaxation, Breathing and Yoga.
Living in St-Hippolyte du Fort (France)

Singing is ex-pression. For me to sing is to free the voice, by releasing the body and its tensions and listening to one’s feelings and deep emotions, one’s essential being.

I love guiding groups and individuals in the discovery and expression of the best of themselves.

Very early on Odile became fascinated with the wise teachings of the world, personal growth and self knowledge through different physical, relational and artistic approaches. She was trained in the method called “ To inhabit one’s body” ( Relaxation and Yoga ) and has been teaching it since 1987. In 1989 she began a training with Jacques Salomé in Human Relationships, Communication and Counselling, and went on to facilitate support groups. In 1993 she began to study “Massage Sensitif” and the Camilli method, a psycho corporal approach to human relationships. She is a trainer in “Massage Sensitif”, a practitioner in “Massage Sensitif ” of well being, and a psycho-somato therapist in the Camilli method.