Zoé Perret

Singer, voice teacher, choir director
Lives in Toulouse, France

Exploring the many facets of the voice, playing with the sound of our voices together, letting ourselves be surprised by the richness of our timbres and enjoying a sensory experience of singing: this passion is at the heart of my teaching approach. I like to encourage everyone to discover something new in their voice, for greater confidence, freedom, and pleasure.

I lived in Georgia for a long time, immersed in its rich ancestral vocal culture, a vector for human connection. Georgian oral polyphony, with its extraordinary wealth of techniques and styles and the power of its harmonies, is fertile ground for both individual and collective sound exploration.

Following her Conservatory training and studies in ethnomusicology, Zoé Perret moved to Georgia for sixteen years. Guided by her passion for oral polyphony, she trained with numerous ensembles and vocal masters throughout the country. In Tbilisi, with Georgian friends, she founded the Kimilia ensemble, performing at numerous festivals in Georgia and France, and produced the album Chants d’un temps.

Since returning to France in 2023, she has been teaching Georgian songs with a focus on deep listening, harmonic awareness and timbral resonance. She has also completed the “Chant Voix et Corps” vocal pedagogy training course. A lifelong learner, her passion for improvisation and vocal exploration in all their forms enriches her pedagogy and artistic practice. She is also interested in body music as a whole, and is currently training in body percussion.

Zoé speaks French, English, Georgian, and Russian.




Album of Georgian polyphony : www.kimilia.bandcamp.com