Viviane Gay

Actress, vocal performer and voice teacher.
Lives in Saint Etienne de l’Olm in the south of France

Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2023

My work is inspired by the work of Roy Hart, Alfred Wolfsohn, and various founding members of the Roy Hart Theatre.  Using my theatre background, I work with each individual trying to link presence, soul, and voice. I usually work with the body as a starting point  to connect with the breath and support it  in order to allow the voice to express itself. I think the voice allows us to bridge the gap between our inner world and the world around us. This is why, for several years, I have been working on the spoken voice, on the singing voice, the voice filled with our multiple colours that touches and perhaps reveals a piece of our soul.

Vocal and theatrical trainer, actress, and vocal performer, Viviane Gay works regularly at the University of Montpellier teaching body-voice-movement workshops and also leads workshops in Switzerland and France. Alongside her training as an actress in Lausanne, Switzerland, Viviane studied Lyrical singing with Mireille Cuenod Stakitch, then Jazz with Bernard Lubat in Paris. In 2012 she met Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise, two founding members of Roy Hart Theatre. That same year, she discovered the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart where she continued her training, notably with Jonathan Makwaïa Hart, Susanne Weins, and other founder members. In May 2016  she moved to Malérargues with her family. She has been the artistic director of Cie Patte Blanche since 2007. As an actress, she has performed in more than 30 shows in France, Switzerland, and Africa.

Her principal vocal training has been directed by Linda Wise, Enrique Pardo, Jonathan Makwaïa Hart, Susanne Weins, Kaya Anderson, and Ian Magilton.

Viviane speaks French and English.


Email: vivianegay@hotmail.com

Compagnie Patte Blanche: https://patteblanche.ch/


LOBA is a sound performance based on the text of Diane Di Prima: a contemplative journey that immerses us in the multiplicity of the feminine. Original music by Laurence Crevoisier.