Costanza Amici

Voice teacher, medical anthropologist, ethnoclinical mediator.
Lives in Perugia, Italy
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2023

Being human is a wide realm of being, with manifold dimensions and interconnections.  Listening to the voice as the extending bridge between our inner and outer worlds, is for me listening to these manifold dimensions and interconnections. To let them emerge, breathe and expand in each passage from one to the other is the process of exploration of the infinite variety of possibilities of being, touching and encountering oneself and the otherness, within oneself and in the world around. I see voice exploration and expression as a profound experience of contact with the mystery of life and the unknown, a journey of research and discovery, a generative ground for awareness, trans-forma(c)tion and creativity.

Costanza Amici’s deep interest in the Human and Otherness has led her on a lifelong path of research and experimentation in the borderland between anthropology and the performative arts. Alongside with her studies in experimental theatre and contemporary dance, she graduated with Bachelors degrees in Anthropology both in England and in Italy, where she then earned a second level master’s degree in Ethnomedicine and Ethnopsychiatry. In 2007, she met Kaya Anderson and the voice work of the Wolfsohn-Hart tradition. Since this passionate encounter, she has continued to deepen her research into the human voice weaving new connections with her anthropological and ethnoclinical practice. These diverse domains mutually feed and inspire each other.

Costanza regularly teaches voice exploration and expression, and she continues her research path in the field of voice and collective singing.

Her principal vocal training has been directed by Kaya Anderson, Kevin Crawford, Jonathan Hart Makwaia, Saule Ryan, Carol Mendelsohn, Edda Heeg.

Costanza speaks Italian, English, and French.