Véronique Thomas

Roy Hart voice teacher, singer, music teacher
Lives in Brittany:  Montauban, Bretagne (Ille et Vilaine), France
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2010

I help create the conditions which allow students’ vocal potential to emerge, while starting from who they really are. I rely on those paramount human qualities, which are for me listening, respect, kindness and empathy. I encourage students to go further, to explore releasing their fears and resistance, to venture into unknown territories. I help them to release their voice, so that it resonates throughout their entire body.

For me, the aim of this work is to enable everyone to be touched by their own voice, and to encounter themselves.

Véronique Thomas was immersed in music, song and dance from an early age. She trained to become a music teacher and choirmaster, and taught music in schools for 20 years. She also directed shows for children and adults and composed text and music for CDs of children’s songs.

She and her vocal trio have also recorded two CDs of polyphonic songs from eastern Europe. Her insatiable curiosity for the voice led her to explore new territories, such as harmonic overtone singing; the yoga of sound and connection between vibration and energy; the Singing of being with Serge Wilfart’s “breath and voice” work, energy work and sound healing… She continues to develop her vocal explorations via spontaneous singing and improvisation.

Veronique has trained with Carol Mendelsohn, Saule Ryan, David Goldsworthy, Marianne Le Thron, Ulrik Barfod and Marie-Paule Marthe.
She speaks French and some English.