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Orly Asody

Music teacher in a High School Music Department
Lives in Tel Aviv, Israel
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2013

I believe that everyone can make music: create sounds and structure them into melodies. That is composing in real time (= improvising). I love to guide my pupils in the discovery of that ability within themselves.

Orly Asody began playing piano at the age of 6. She studied in a Music Teaching College in Tel Aviv for three years and learned composition at the Academy of Music for four years, and she studied psychology and became a group facilitator.

She first came as a student to the Roy Hart Theatre in Malérargues in 2003. Since then she has returned every year and attended many workshops. Following her teacher training she became a Roy Hart teacher in 2013.

Orly Asody has trained with Jonathan Hart-Makwaia, Carol Mendelsohn, Linda Wise, Saule Ryan, Kaya Anderson, Ian Magilton.
She speaks English, French and Hebrew.