Zwaantje de Vries

Performer, Roy Hart Teacher, Dansexpressie Teacher
Lives in Nijmegen, Netherlands
Worked with the Roy Hart Theatre (before 1991)
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2013

My identity is my biography and my voice expresses that. Coming from a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic family (Indonesian-Dutch), I was challenged to discover my own identity. Since 1981 the Roy Hart Theatre work been most powerful means to this end. I’m deeply moved each and every time a person discovers the beauty of their own unique voice. After that, the process of integration can begin. To be a guiding companion on that road is a great gift and the core of my teaching.

Zwaantje de Vries studied Pedagogy, Visual Arts, Drama and Dansexpressie, and had her own avant-garde dance company ‘Zwaantje & Jaap Kleyn’ in Amsterdam.

She has performed and exhibited in the Netherlands, Germany and France. She has been a guest drama and Dansexpressie teacher at several Universities and other Institutes in the Netherlands and Germany. She performs with other artists in acoustic ‘Sound-scapes’ (‘Pre-Poets’ and ‘Genetic Choir’), and develops multi-disciplinary improvisations. She teaches groups and individuals and is guest voice teacher at the Artez Institute of Arts, Arnhem and at De Lindenberg Art Institute, Nijmegen.

Zwaantje de Vries has trained with Marita Günther, Robert Harvey, Kaya Anderson, Enrique Pardo, Jonathan Hart Makwaia and several others.
She speaks Dutch, German, English and a little French.