Bernhard Labus

musician, singer, Alexander Technique Teacher
Living in Munich, Germany

While growing up and going about our daily lives, we sometimes adopt physical and psychological patterns which may be useful at the time they emerge. However, later in life these “habits“ – which frequently involve patterns of habitually shortened muscles – impede us, and limit our range of movement and possibilities. In my work as an Alexander Technique Teacher I help people to unlearn those unneeded patterns and to find the person behind the pattern. I love to see how the voice is freed if we can let go of physical effort and constraints.

In 2009 Bernhard Labus finished the three-year training for Alexander Technique Teachers in Munich, Germany. Since then he has been giving individual lessons and workshops.
He also works as a freelance musician, singer and songwriter.

He speaks English, German, French (rudimentary)


Email address: bernhardlabus@web.de
Website: www.labus-music.com