• listening
  • exploration
  • improvisation
  • presence and authenticity
  • voice and body awareness

Delphina Fabbrini

Voice teacher living in Florence, Italy.

Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2023

The ability to listen to my inner world and the world around me. The ability, starting from this quality of listening, to be deeply in touch with my inner world and the world around me. To discover and to cultivate a space where everything life brings can be transformed, where each experience can become a ‘bridge’ towards a new creation. All of this, to me, is ‘singing’

Delphina Fabbrini earned her PhD in classical philology from the University of Florence, where she subsequently worked as a Research Fellow in Latin literature. The desire to integrate her love of language and poetry with her interest in the relationships between body, voice, and deep emotion, led Delphina to Kaya Anderson in 2010, under whose guidance she has studied ever since. In 2013 she began her teacher training program at the CAIRH (Centre Artistique International Roy Hart). Delphina teaches vocal expression and continues to do research in the field of voice and singing (baroque singing with James Gray; traditional Italian music with Francesca Breschi; vocal exploration with Claudia Bombardella).

Delphina speaks English, French and Italian.