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Siham Mehaimzi

Clinical psychologist, author, facilitator in writing workshops

Living in Alès (France)

My intention is to lead participants to live an experience of beauty through writing, by traveling into their own depths, in order to give birth to a poetic, powerful and sensitive material. In a caring environment, conducive to intimate work, I am committed to bringing each person into contact with their emotions and sensations in order to transform those into words full of life and strength.

Siham is a psychologist and gives writing workshops which draw from her journey as a poet. She has been writing since the age of eight and following her meeting in 2014 with Serge Pey began performing her texts at the Cave Poésie. Driven by a commitment to feminism, she also performed her poems at festivals before being published in the journal Recours aux poèmes, followed by the publication of her first collection, Variations Androgynes, (Marsa ed.).

In order to further develop physical and vocal rootedness, in 2019 she attended the theatrical programme “Acteur au présent” by the company Théâtre de l’acte.
Since her arrival in the Cévennes, she has sought to share spaces of living poetry.
She trained with Dominique Collingnon, Michel Mathieu, Katharina Seyferth, Séverine Astel, and Denes Debre.

She speaks French, Spanish, and English.


E-mail: siham@posteo.net
Artistic residency in writing à St Cirq Lapopie: https://www.radicale1924.org/
Online journal publication: https://www.recoursaupoeme.fr/siham-mehaimzi-presentee-par-serge-pey/
Online journal publication: https://journals.openedition.org/glad/1368

Book: Variations androgynes, éditions Marsa (2019)
Other texts by Siham Mehaimzi published in:
journal Mange Monde, aux éditions Rafael de Surtis (2018)
journal Méninge (2019)
journal A, aux éditions Marsa (2018)
journal GLAD! (2018)
journal Miroir (2021)