Julien Martin

Singer, singing teacher, writer
Lives in Clermond-Ferrrand, France
I have trained with the following Roy Hart Voice Teachers: Carol Mendelsohn, Saule Ryan, Edda Heeg, Linda Wise, and Pascale Ben.

In my work at the Roy Hart Center, I try to give more substance and soul, more space and silence, to the myriad sounds, voices and songs that flow through us and surround us. I (re)discover their expressive necessity, and their archaic, collective, animal, vegetable, cellular roots; their unheard and uncharted characters. Together with words, movement, and images they are like living beings, so dear to our hearts, our minds, our bellies, our bones.

Julien Martin was born in Clermont-Ferrand in 1980. He began to explore the sounds of the voice while improvising as a member of the collective Musique en Friche, whilst at the same time training in musical interpretation and theory at the Clermont Conservatory.

Deeply affected by gastric surgery in 2008, he felt the need to fundamentally change his way of singing and of living. He launched the Zumaya Verde Company with Claudia Urrutia, his partner in life and singing. In 2010, A musically versatile duo, ‘A tue-tête’, was born, performing both personal compositions and songs from South America. 

From 2011, he followed courses at CAIRH, gave workshops himself and continued to develop his “deep singing”, in solo and alongside other musicians.  

Teaches mainly in French. I can teach in English and Spanish too.


E-Mail: julmar@laposte.net

Zumaya Verde, music and theater company:  https://zumayaverde.com/
Singing duet « A tue-tête »: https://soundcloud.com/atuetet
Old songs and improvisation “Djablousto”: http://thomas.charmetant.free.fr/djablousto.html