Fia Adler Sandblad

Actress, Theater Director, Writer
Lives in Gothenburg, Sweden
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2016

I believe we are all amazing humans with unique possibilities which everyday life does not always ask for, or even permit us to express. Through the voice and body we can connect to those natural forces that can help us find a path to a richer life. As artists we use our lives and personalities to communicate life in all its aspects. The more in touch you are, the stronger and more complex the message.

Fia is an actor, playwright, teacher and artistic director for ADAS Musikaliska Teater in Sweden. She met the Roy Hart voice work in 1984 while training in physical theatre. Since then, she has created and performed solos in New York, Scandinavia and Morocco, worked with ensembles around Sweden and Europe and performed with a full symphony orchestra in Gothenburg.
Her focus is on listening as a way of touching hidden material and stories, as well as using one’s own vocal and physical potential to give voice to deep human experiences.
Fia speaks English, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.


E-Mail, fia@konstepidemin.se

Fia Adler Sandblad, personal website, http://fiaadlersandblad.se
ADAS musikaliska teater, independent theatre company,http://www.adasteater.se

Konstepidemin, artistic centre, http://konstepidemin.se

Links – Acting
Two extracts from 2 performances

1: BERTHA – The other love story. A newly-imagined version of The Madwoman in the attic, as written about by Charlotte Bronte. In English. 4m30

2: LARSSONS BLANDNING: A devised performance with director Sören Larsson, actor Helen Hansson and musician Jonas Franke-Blom, based on different genres of music, 7 minutes.

Bouffon – de övergivna/ The Abandoned.

A devised work: searching for strategies to perform unbearable stories, 33 minutes.

Link – Directing
Vi som bär världen – We who Carry the World

About the social and economic vulnerability of single mothers. 7 minutes 35.
The full length is 70 minutes.