• Voice
  • movement
  • singing
  • theater
  • vocal research
  • vocal improvisation
  • actor’s director

Daniela Garcia

Actress, playwright and voice teacher living in Paris, France.
She has trained with the following Roy Hart Voice Teachers:
Linda Wise, Enrique Pardo, Jonathan Hart, Marianne Le Tron, Kaya Andersson, Edda Heeg, Saule Ryan.

The voice for me is a necessity deeper than speech and beyond song. It is a return to the raw material of the voice, a subterranean and atavistic space rarely touched on in art, but which could be a flourishing source of the human voice’s possibilities, notably for both the singing and the spoken voice. It is this Outre, always in movement, that led me to create and develop the notion that drives my vocal research: the notion of Outre-voix.

Daniela Molina was born in Santiago, Chile, where she graduated as an actress at Universidad de Chile. Fascinated by the power of voice and movement, she has dedicated her career to study the bond that unites them, dedicating these last 7 years to life in Paris while working with Linda Wise and Enrique Pardo of PANTHEATRE, specialists in vocal performance and choreographic theatre. In 2016, she earned a Master’s Degree in Theatrical Studies at Université La Sorbonne-Nouvelle, exploring the place of vocal research in the actor’s education. She performed with La Fura Dels Baus, la Compagnie IA, among others in Paris. Also, in 2015 Daniela went to South Africa as one of the chosen playwrights for the Women Playwrights International Conference, as well as to Montréal to be part of the VASTA conference (Voice and speech Trainers Association). In the same year she completed her official Teacher-Training as a ROY HART Teacher at the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart in France, and was certified in July 2017.

She teaches in French and Spanish currently. English notions