Edda Heeg

Singer, Performance Artist, Voice Teacher, Musician
Lives in Hanover, Germany
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2001

My very first experience of the Roy Hart voice work was in 1988 when I had my first individual lesson with Marita Günther. The joy of life and love entered into my voice. Now it has become my life and my passion to accompany people into the singing process. Singing means much more to me than the actual producing of a sound. It is a deep process of self-reflection, self-confidence and self-knowledge. For me my work is energetic work on all levels, combined with deep and passionate emotions to reveal the inner flow of life and love.

Edda Heeg was born in Germany in 1967. She began studying music, singing, and the violin at the Hanover Conservatory of Music and Theatre and continued her music studies at the Folkwang Conservatory in Essen, receiving her Diploma in Music Pedagogy and Eurythmics (Dalcroze) in 1994. She began to work with the Roy Hart Theatre in 1988 and started teaching in Malérargues 1996. In 1998 she opened The Roy Hart Voice Centre, Hanover/Germany, etage2. Beside her musical studies Edda focuses a lot on movement, Modern Dance, Body-Mind Centering and Contact Dance as additional accomplishment for the voice work. Edda has worked as a singer and performing artist for projects and in theatres, as well as in various performances at the Roy Hart Theatre. She is regular performer with the “Erstes Improvisierendes Streichorchester”, the first improvising string orchestra with experimental and land-art music concerts as violinist and singer.
Edda Heeg has trained with Jonathan Hart Makwaia, Rosemary Quinn, Robert Harvey and Marita Günther. She speaks English, French and German.


E-Mail: edda@stimmetage2.de
Roy Hart Voice Center, Hanover/Germany, www.stimmetage2.de