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Anne Heeg

Singer, Actress, Singing Teacher, Architect
Lives in Hamburg, Germany
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2003

Singing embraces the possibility of experiencing and expressing all the ‘colours’ of one’s self. The vocal and movement work in the tradition of Alfred Wolfsohn and the Roy Hart Theatre includes the expansion and liberation of, and developing acquaintance with, your own voice. Breathing and physical exercises are essential components.

The first music Anne remembers in her life was in her mother’s womb: the Mozart that her mother listened to again and again. Listening and singing accompanies her life. She studied acting and architecture and during this time she spends several months in India, a fertile journey. She works for several years as an architect and actress. In 1988 she meets Marita Günther, a pupil of Alfred Wolfsohn and a Roy Hart Teacher from the early days. A deep connection to this woman and the Roy Hart work begins … She began teaching in 1994 and has established her studio in Hamburg at the Kampnagel, one of Northern Germany’s largest theatres. She lives with her husband and two sons in Hamburg.
Anne Heeg has trained with Marita Günther, Robert Harvey, Jonathan Hart Makwaia and Rosemary Quinn.
She speaks English, French and German.


E-Mail: anneheeg@gmx.de
Anne Heeg, Stimme + Bewegung, http://www.anneheeg.de