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Miguel Alonso Gutierrez

Stage director of opera, Voice teacher, Actor
Lives in Culiacán, Sinaloa, México
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2007

Roy Hart´s work connects me with my human essence and allows me to express myself with total liberty through a range of sounds, voices and melodies. I meet the most vulnerable parts of myself, but also my great spiritual force. For me, this work signifies a voyage of sound where the secrets of voice are revealed, connecting me by concentrated listening, with the true nature of that sound, expressed in words and song. Kozana Lucca transmitted to me the essence of Roy Hart’s work by the playful exploration of sacred and profane voices.

As a stage director and producer he has created multiple projects for theatre, opera, and musical productions. In 1982 he met the Roy Hart Group in a theatre festival organized by UNESCO in México; he attended a workshop with Kozana Lucca, and 1986 with Richard Armstrong. In 2003 and 2004 he worked with Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise and Pantheatre in Mexico. In 2007 he travelled to France to attend a workshop with Jonathan Hart-Makwaia and obtained the RHT voice teacher certification having Kozana Lucca as his tutor. He has directed 30 operas and 6 musicals as well as numerous theatrical projects and also given workshops on masks, movement and voice analysis with actors, singers and dancers .
Miguel Alonso Gutierrez has trained with Richard Amstrong, Kozana Lucca, Enrique Pardo, Linda Wise, Jonathan Hart-Makwaia.
He teaches in Spanish and English.