Gabriela Barrenechea

Singer, Composer and Practitioner of Eutonie
Living in Angers, France
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2016

Today, in this time of teaching in Angers, my main tendency is to nourish the voice through the body, feed what is between, feed all the rich variety and nuances in the intermediary ranges. There are many ways to propose an exploration. Nothing is fixed. The vocal process appeals to me more than the vocal result.

Forced into exile, Gabriela Barrenechea settled in France in the 1980’s. When she sings Pablo Neruda or Gabriela Mistral, she proudly declares her allegiance to the culture of the Chile of her birth.

Composer, singer, guitarist and actor, she writes and composes her own performances.
Her repertoire has been enriched by European culture: Garcia Lorca, Prévert, Mac Orlan et Frederique Mistral, Barbara et Pierre Perret, Canto General have all been important sources of inspiration.
With the Morenica Trio she sings Sephardic songs, songs that she has had in her suitcase for thirty years.

With her classical mezzo-soprano voice her repertoire includes: the Requiem and Marriage of Figaro of Mozart, the Stabat Mater of Pergolese, Dido and Aeneas of Purcell, the Gloria of Vivaldi and the Magnificat of Bach. Her own creations lead us down known and unknown paths. Through years of working her voice and body continue to form themselves in perpetual vibration and resonance.
Constantly researching, her art and teaching are founded on the a physical practice of Eutonie (harmoniously balanced tonicity) and the Roy Hart.

Gabriela Barrenechea studied with Ulrik Barfod, Edda Heeg, Carol Mendelsohn, Saule Ryan, Walli Höfinger and Susanne Weins.
She speaks Spanish, French and a little English.


Contact: gabrielab@laposte.net

Website: www.gabriela-barrenechea.fr
Website: www.triomorenica.fr

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