David Goldsworthy

Vocal artist, voice teacher, choir leader
Lives in village of Thoiras, France
Worked with Roy Hart and was part of the Roy Hart Theater (before 1991)
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 1977

I believe that voice teaching is a way of meeting, of exchanging and of mutual learning. In my view there are no good or bad singers! Vocal virtuosity is not the ultimate aim of the work. It is important not only to develop the voice, but also to develop oneself through the voice. In order to evolve vocally and artistically I believe it is necessary to make friend with one’s weaknesses and to integrate the physical and mental disciplines which give freedom to the imagination and to creative expression.

David Goldsworthy was born in Newcastle 1945. He always loved music (especially jazz and blues, folk singing, rock and roll!), but studied engineering at Manchester University (where he sang and played sax and harmonica in a blues band). He wanted to become a photographer and worked for 2 years in the oil fields of the North Sea and in Libya to earn the necessary money to continue studying. At the same time as he began photography, he met the Roy Hart Theatre, and his life changed radically. He became totally engaged with the RHT, the voice work, theatre, and the life of the group. He has lived for the past 48 years focussing on the development and transmission of the vocal and theatrical work of the RHT in France and abroad.
David worked with Roy Hart, Robert Harvey, Richard Armstrong, Elisabeth Mayer, Marita Gunther, Derek Rossignol
He speaks English and French.
You can find his full CV at: www.diapason.com


E-mail: dgoldsworthy@wanadoo.fr
Website, Dia Pason, www.dia-pason.com
Dia Pason is an association created in 2007 by David Goldsworthy and Marianne Le Tron, to develop voice teaching activities in various regions of France and abroad.