Marya Lowry

Voice performer, Actress, Voice Teacher, Vocal Coach
Lives in Boston, MA, USA
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2010

For me, the Roy Hart approach offers each person a generous invitation to explore, express and celebrate the fullness of their humanity through the embodied voice and all its potential. It is a powerful foundation for artistic expression and personal growth. The Roy Hart approach expands our vision and assumptions about life and art; opens new pathways and enlarges us vocally, physically, emotionally and artistically. It supports my personal commitment to nonjudgmental engagement with each student as I support their personal vision, process and pace of learning.

An international teaching-artist with over 35 years’ experience of teaching and acting professionally, Marya has taught actors, singers, teachers and business professionals in the UK, France, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Italy, Canada, and across the U.S. Grounded in solid research of global vocal lamentation practices, she pioneered its inclusion in theatre voice training and is the creator of “Ecstatic Voice: from Laughter to Lament” for actor training and performance. Marya began her Roy Hart training in 1990, performing, training and teaching at Malérargues since 1992. Her theatre performances span the U.S., ranging from the classics to the experimental and original creative works. Vocal direction includes Broadway, Shakespeare Festivals, Regional Theatre.
Maria Lowry has trained with David Goldsworthy, Jonathan Hart Makwaia, Ian Magilton, Carol Mendelsohn, Saule Ryan and Marita Gunther.
She teaches in English.